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saving grace

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Posted 11 July 2013 - 01:47 PM

THIS IS NOT A FANFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry but i'm writing a story and i want feed back so please read and comment!!!!!!!!





“HELP!” my cry echoed through the concrete walls. The darkroom felt like it was spinning. I tried to move my wrist but it didn't move more than one foot off the ground. The cuff tightened around my wrist every time I moved it. Thoughts were moving through my head . “Will this be the day I get out of here? Has my family given up looking for me after a full year?”. A screeching sound interrupted my thoughts. It sounded like the door opening. The light from the door light up the stairwell, just like everyday when the man with the scratchy beard decide, he wanted to play with his toy, he kept in the basement. The man was not there, it was more than one person, a man and women, I have never seen before.

“hello?” the man's voice sounded soft.

I wanted to speak back but I was to weak, to hungry.

“if anyone is down here please speak up” the woman sounded worried as she spoke.

I forced a noise out so they could hear, so I could be rescued finally after a year. Their heads cocked toward my direction, once I made the painful noise. I made it again, and the man yelled “HELLO?” I made it again. “are you OK!” the man yelled. I was about to let it out again, but then the women came around the corner. Her face seemed like it was in pain as she stared at my 17 year old boney body; laying on the ground in a red bikini, in searing pain.


“oh my god!” the women sounded horrified.

“what is it?” the man answered. The man come around the corner and repeated the woman's response.

The man walked forward, and as his hand laid on my shoulder, I cringed . “its OK... I am with the NYPD.” My face went pale, and I attempted to get up but I crashed back to the cold hard floor. I felt my body being picked up and laid on a stretcher. I woke up in a white hospital bed, with the man and woman by my side. “hey! your awake.” the woman's voice sounded in my ears.

“ whe....where am I “ I stuttered lightly.

“you were taken from the basement......in bad shape” the man spoke.

The doctor came in “hey!” he said in cheerful tone, then he got more stern when he turned to the two detectives “do mind if I ask her a few questions.”

“no... go right ahead” the two walked out.

The doctor turned toward me and sat at the chair next to my bed. “so I am going to start off by asking some basic questions to make sure your memory is ok.” I nodded as if saying that's fine. I sat up in my bed in pain. The doctor spoke in a soft caring tone, “ok...... what's your name?”

I took a breath “Kate.” I said while gulping. he smiled

“very good, how old are you?”



“what's the month?”

I paused, placing a confused look on my face “i don't know...i lost count”

“well do you know how long you were in the basement”

my mind raced and I became scared and I spoke fast, “about a year”

he nodded and put his hand on mine “very good, but it was a year and half.” I nodded in pain.

the doctor spoke again “well Kate you seem ok. Do you think you will be fine with talking to the detectives. I nodded.

The detectives came into the room “hey Kate, I am detective Benson” the women said sweetly.

“and I am her partner, detective Stabler” the man said smiling. They both pulled up a chair next to my bed as the doctor walked out.

Detective Stabler smiled “i guess what we want to know first is, do you remember how you got into the situation that we found you in?”

I paused and tears started to fill my eyes. “yes, Stabler I do.”

Detective Benson looked worried “I know it might hard, but could you tell us your story”

I smiled in pain, “of coarse, I don't mind” so I told my story of how I ended up in this hospital and in the basement.


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Posted 12 July 2013 - 01:59 AM


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