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A Week With One Direction, Day Two

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Posted 26 June 2013 - 09:23 AM

Day Two of "A Week With One Direction" hope you like it!


The next morning, Jess came to the boys' room. "Hey guys, wake up. I'll take you to a waterpark and club today, remember?" she said softly, waking them up one by one. "Huh? Oh, right, we're staying here for the week... I had a dream that we were staying here, but turns out we are staying here. I still can't believe we're staying with such a pretty girl here." Niall said, in a cheery morning voice. Jess blushed, then said, "just woke up in the morning and making a girl blush. You're a weird man, Niall." the other four laughed. "Just, hurry up guys, the waterpark opens early. Breakfast is ready by the way. Eggs, bacon, and pancakes. There's some juice in the fridge if you want."


A few hours later, they're in Jess' car, driving to the waterpark. They all look so pretty, the six of them. Jess had her hair in a ponytail as always, wearing a black tank top and light blue jean shorts, with blue flip-flops and sporting a Ray Bans sunglasses, Harry wearing a white shirt and black jeans with gray sandals, and Louis wearing a blue striped shirt with a white background, and red man shorts (lol, I don't know what to call them) with white shoes, Zayn wearing a dark blue loose tank top that shows off his MASSIVE tattoos and beige cloth shorts with black sneakers, Niall sporting his "crazy mofos" shirt with matching white shorts and white shoes, with his Ray Bans sunglasses that's identical to Jessica's, and Liam wearing a  blue plaid shirt and black shorts with blue sneakers. They all look gorgeous (Fashion Police like?).


"Alright guys we're here, at Superslide Waterpark (I don't know any waterparks in the US cuz I don't live there, weak. -_-). " Jess said. "This might actually be fun." Zayn said. "Look who's talking, Zayn, the man who can't swim! Do you hear that people? Zayn thinks this might be fun, despite he can't swim!" Louis said to everyone jokingly. Zayn punched him in the arm. "Ow!" he said. "I'll buy the tickets. You guys stay out of trouble." Jess said, pointing two fingers to her eyes, then pointing them to all five of the lads, then went to the ticket counter. "She's hilarious." Louis said quietly. "I know right?" Niall said out loud. Then they all laughed.


A few minutes later, Jessica and all five of the boys went in. "Wow." Louis said. "You can say that again." Liam chimed in. "Wow." Louis said that again. Jessica giggled. "Let's change. You guys brought you swimsuits?" she said. "Yeah." the lads shouted. "First one to come back with their swimsuits can have a first go at the surf simulator pool!" Jessica said happily, then ran off to the changing room. "Wait, there's a surf pool?" Louis and Liam shouted after Jessica, but she's too far away.


A few minutes later, Louis came back first, with dark blue swimming shorts, followed by Liam, wearing a black suit with red streaks on the edges, then Harry, wearing a dashing Hawaiian patterned shorts, then Niall with a purple wavy patterned shorts, then Zayn, wearing an all black suit. "Where's Jess?" Liam asked. "I don't know. Let's just go to the surf pool. That's where she said the first person to come out can go first anyway." Harry answered. When they arrived at the surf pool, they're all surprised to see a gorgeous Jessica wearing a bright orange frill bikini, surfing her way to the open mouthed boys. "Well, boys, looks like I beat you." she said, flipping her wet hair from her face, smiling.


All the lads could do was just stare. Her wet hair hanging from her head, the curves of her body enhanced by the bright colour of her bikini looking very beautiful, and the sun glinting from her skin. "Woah, we've never seen you like this before..." Zayn said, astonished. "You look beautiful." Niall said. "You're amazing." Liam added. "This is pretty weird..." Louis said quietly. "Wow." Harry just said. "Thanks... I think," Jess said, unsurely. "Trying the surf? Or not? The four of you can try it, but Zayn, come with me." she continued. "Ok..." Zayn said, then followed Jess.


The two of them headed to the deep pool. Deep enough to cover a man's chest with water. "Wait, we're going here? I can't swim mate." Zayn said surprised. "Exactly. I'm gonna teach you how to swim," Jessica said. "Now get in." she continued. "I can't do this, I can't swim." Zayn stated. "Sure you can. I'll hold you." Jess said, then she got in. "Come on in. The water's fine." she said. Zayn just shook his head a little. Jess frowned, then said sternly, "get in or I'll push you in." Zayn shrugged, but eventually got in slowly. "Alright, class is in session." Jess said cheerfully. "You might wanna learn how to float first..." she continued with a giggle. "Now do what I do, and I'll hold you."


Meanwhile, Louis and Liam are having the time of their lives surfing. "It's like being in Doncaster again!" Louis shouted, laughing happily. "This is really fun!" Liam shouted, following Louis. "Hey guys, it's our turn!" Niall yelled over the roaring of the wave. "Really? Wow, time goes by fast!" Liam said, then got off the board, giving it to Niall. "Thanks." Niall said, and got on the board, paddling to the wave, then standing up. "This turns out to be easy enough!" Niall said. "Louis, it's my turn! Give it up!" Harry yelled to Louis. "Oh, alright then." Louis said, then got off the board to Harry. "Thank you." Harry said. "I gotta film Niall surfing. I have a feeling he'll be an epic fail right here. The wave's too big for him." Louis said, taking out a video camera from his pack, and started filming. Niall on the other hand was starting to wobble, and finally fell to his face, his board barely missing his torso. "Agh!" he screamed. Louis, Liam, and Harry laughed hard. "This is going to be on twitter Niall!" Louis yelled, still laughing. "Hell no!" Niall screamed, and scrambles to Louis, falling again. "It's no use Niall! Ha ha ha, it's too late for you!" Louis said, laughing harder. "Aw, seriously guys?" Niall yelled, flat on the pool floor.


A few minutes later, Jessica and Zayn came back, and Louis ran to the two of them followed by Liam and Harry. "Guys, you have to see this! This is Niall surfing!" Louis said. "I'd like to see that. Show it to us." Jess said, and Louis played the film. "NOOOOO!!!!!" Niall screamed. "Oh my God, that's hilarious!" Jess yelled out laughing. "He's so dead... when this gets online!" Zayn said between laughs. "My life is over..." Niall said, broken.


A few hours later, they left the waterpark, and went to the club Jess promised. "Guys, we're here. The club I promised you about." Jess said. "Now let's party!" she continued, and they all went in. Their night have just begun.


Day two finished. Hope you guys like it too! Read day one on my profile guys!

Let's go crazy, crazy, crazy 'til we se the sun, I know we've only met but let's pretend it's love, and never, never, never stop for anyone, tonight let's get some, and live while we're young!



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Posted 26 June 2013 - 11:14 AM

That's really good :) Post more soon!!!







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Posted 26 June 2013 - 12:31 PM

Love it!! More soon pweaz!


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