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A Niall Horan imagine love story!

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 02:33 AM

Hi guys , I'm new and I love writing fanfics this is my second fanfic that I ever wrote so here it goes.Just so you know and Imagine is not a story,  you create you're own characters so when it says Y/N it mean you're name and A/N any name so you kind of fill you're own name on there.






    Same old same old, everyday is the same wakin' up getting ready to work , going to work meet selfish models that are incredible skinny and feel superior than you, but there‚Äôs a good thing about being a stylist you get to meet celebrities SOMETIMES you work with a really popular photographer.




   You get ready for work.You get to work and see who you're working with today you don't recognize the names: Niall Horan , Zayn Malik , Liam Payne , Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. You don't recognize the names but you know their famous...


     You got the dressing room and you find 5 guys two of them in the sofa the other 2 running around and the other one telling them to stop.You say"Hi I'm y/n I'll be you're stylist for this week!" all of them smile at you and present themselves.The blonde guy shakes you're hand and says "Hi I'm Niall" he raises his eyebrow and smiles at you.You smile back and say "good to meet you Niall" then the guy with shaved hair says "Hi I'm Liam" then the guy curly hair says to you"I'm harry" with a big cheeky smile.The  the guy with incredible black hair says "Hi I'm Zayn"and then the other one says "I'm Louis"!you think woow how come american guys are not this cute you say "Really nice to meet you guys *you grab a sheet with all their info and say*OH One Direction!I knew I've seen you somewhere" Harry said "Apparently everyone knows us!" you laugh you act like you didn't notice but Niall is staring at you so you said " so let's start with you Niall let's go and choose something for you to wear!" Niall smiles and follows you.You ask Niall "So Niall what's you're style??" Niall responds "I don't really know why don't you surprise me!" you laugh and say "Okay" you look at him feet to head and then you grab a sweater and a polo shirt and you say okay put this on! Niall laughs and asks "Right here??" you laugh back and say "No , in the dressing room right there*you point at it" you grab a khaki jeans and tell him "try this on " as you throw it to the dressing room.He comes out looking so perfect you almost melt.You tell him "wow, you look so ho- i mean you look good!" Niall laughs .You finish dressing the guys and they're ready for the photo shoot. As you fix Niall's jacket he stare at him and Niall smiles and pulls his eyebrows up and then he pulls his right eyebrow.You laugh and say "You're ready!" and you wink at him.


   "past week was so much fun!you guys are awesome"Niall blushed and said "You know what I enjoyed the most?"you smiled and said what?"spending so much time with you!" you blushed and said "really??" Niall asked you "so you wanna go to dinner with mee.?" You can't believe Niall Horan is asking you out you asked "wait like a date, cause if that's the case yes" He smiled and said "Yeah Like a date m pick you up at 8:00?



want to know what happens next then reply to this! IF I GET AT LEAST 3 REPLIES ILL DO PART 2!








Chapter 2 "The Date"

You opened your apartment door.Your apartment is huge being a stylist is quite successful.AT your left is the kitchen really modern,at the right the living room with a big widescreen TV and at the bottom the fireplace.There was even a second floor and a huge terrace with a Jacuzzi off course your parents always spoiled you so you're parents had paid half of the apartment.You lived with your best friend A/N.



You fall sleep you were just so tired.As your eyes were closing everything got blurry and you fall sleep.You wake up and stretched you see A/N and she says "Wow you been sleeping for like hours sleeping beauty!" you were still half sleep as you saw the clock saying 7:00 pm!!you had an hour to get ready and you were a mess you said "OH SHOOT!!" A/N looked at you as you went towards your bedroom.You're throwing your clothe all over the room.Your friend asks "WOW what's the rush??" you respond "OKAY IN APPROXIMATELY 1 HOUR IM GOING TO HAVE POSSIBLY THE BEST DATE EVER WITH THE HOTTEST GUY EVER , NIALL HORAN."   A/N looked at you for a moment and asked you "Wow hold your horses , The Niall Horan the One Direction member? You nod as you were digging there it was theREperfect dress the perfect shoes.You put them on a you see it's already 7:45 pm you go running to the bathroom plug in your iron and straight your hair just a bit and then you look yourself in the mirror.You grab your purse and go sit on the living room when  A/N asks you

"OMG , OMG IN 10 MINUTES 10 MINUTES!!!" someone rings on the bell and your heart is like beating so fast it feels like its going to fall from your chest.


You open the door and there he is Niall with a black tuxedo and says "You look amazing!" you respond "You look ho-  I mean amazing too!" Niall pull his arm as you grab it and walk to his car.All the way to the restaurant Niall was telling stories and having a laugh.When you finally got to the restaurant Niall pulled the chair like a total gentlemen you sat down and he sat down.The waiter came and you two order water.Niall asked "So now let's hear  about you"You told him everything were you were born and raised who was A/N your friend you stylist career everything you and Niall had so many things in common.As the dinner ended you were crushing to Niall even more that you had this past week.As you started walking to his Range Rover you see Niall walking towards this elevators and you tell him "Niall the car is this way!!" Niall laughs and tells you "Who said we were going to the car" he walks towards you grabs you from the waist and you ask him "were are we going?" Niall smiles and tells you let's find out.You walk to this elevator you go in and you have no idea were your going as the elevator opens you see this house on the top of the mountain (that's were the restaurant is) you say "wow great view" as you see this guy waling toward holding a rope and a suit you ask Niall "Niall seriously what are we doing?" you see this big open window as  the guy with the suits tells you okay this are your suits there's the dressing room.You follow Niall and  go dress up.You get out  and Niall is waiting for you the guy ties you up really close to Niall and you hop to the big open window and Niall says ready for bungee jumping?? you say "WHAT NO HELL NO NOO , NOOO I AM NOT JUMPING 66ft!!!!" Niall looks you in the eye and says "For me babe , let's do it together" The guy counts to three and You jump you can feel the rush the air through your face and hair as you see Niall with his big smile you can see his braces.You can see his face pushing towards you as hi soft lips kisses you , you can feel his braces touching your teeth it was the perfect kiss.






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Posted 27 January 2013 - 02:35 AM

i likee

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 01:11 PM

I <3 all my 1D lovin' BFF's


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Posted 27 January 2013 - 02:41 PM

plzz post more!!! 

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