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Black Roses Red - A Harry Styles Love Story Chapter 4 (part 1)

Harry Styles Love Story Fanfic

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 11:00 PM

Ok so I figured I'd put up part 1 cuz it's a long chapter. I think it might have about 3 parts. Hope you guys like it! Let me know your thoughts!(:

Chapter 4: First Day

Her life was flashing before her. She glanced over at the 300 feet cliff that was right beneath her feet. She felt the tears forming in her eyes. This was it. Her life was about to end right now. She turned and saw her father behind her with a knife that was pointing directly at her chest.
“Daddy…please.” She whispered
“Jump…” He demanded.
“But Daddy why would you do this to me?” Amanda sobbed, “”Why are you-“
“I SAID JUMP!” he yelled moving the knife just a little but closer
“NO!” Amanda yelled, “I’m not jumping because you-“
Then suddenly, her father shoved his daughter with just one push. She tried to catch herself, but it was no use. She shrieked as she started to fall her to death. As she was falling, she started to hear a beeping noise. It almost sounded like an alarm clock. As she was just about to reach the bottom….

Amanda opened her eyes. She woke up from her reoccurring dream that she has been having. Once she realized she was back to reality, she pulled the pillow next to her over her face knowing that today was Thursday. The day she had to go to school. She shut off her alarm clock and slowly got out of bed. She was hoping maybe there was a huge blizzard outside. I mean, it is November there’s a chance it could snow. It does snow in England right? She opened her curtains and it was perfectly sunny out. She sighed. Guess today was officially her first day at her new school.

She walked over to her ihome and turned on her Michael Jackson playlist on her iPod. She walked over to her dresser and started changing into her new school uniform. She sighed as “You Are Not Alone” came on her iPod. She always thought about her dad when she heard this song, but there was no point in thinking about him anymore. She applied her makeup and straightened her hair. She walked downstairs and saw her mother sitting at the kitchen table with coffee in her hand.
“Amanda, why don’t you make yourself something to eat.” She suggested
“Do we even have food?” Amanda asked
“Well I have some food left from the airplane.” Said her mother
“How about some actual food? Like let’s say….pancakes? I mean did you even bother to go shopping mom?”
“Don’t you dare give me an attitude Amanda Lynn!” Her mother demanded
“So am I going to starve?” Amanda asked
“Amanda, everything’s different here. The way things are purchased here are different. I still need to figure this all out. It’s not going to take me just one day. And It won’t take you the same either. It’s going to take some time to adjust.” Her mother explained
“Whatever, just give me the freaking bag of peanuts.” Amanda said as she grabbed the small bag and headed towards the door.
“Amanda wait!” Her mom yelled
Amanda stopped and turned around, “Yes?”
“Have a great day.” She said
“As unlikely as that is, I’ll try.” Amanda replied

She gave her mom a kiss on the cheek and headed out the door. She walked a long while and then finally reached the train station. She saw all of the other people that we’re going to school waiting at the station. They we’re wearing uniforms, so she figured maybe they we’re going to the same place as her. She went over to ask them. They gave her a weird stare.
“Excuse me? Are you all going to Comprehensive High?”
“Yeah.” One girl scoffed
Amanda was caught a little bit off guard with her attitude, “Well um, ok.”
“What’s up with your voice?” Another girl asked
“What about it?” Amanda asked
“She means, Why don’t you have an accent? Do I need to say it slower for you?” a boy said
“Well I’m from America. I moved here a couple days ago.” Amanda said
One girl raised her eyebrows, as if she wasn’t impressed. They all turned their backs to me and just continued on with their conversations. “Well just wonderful.” Amanda thought. “I’m already getting mistreated. I can’ already tell this is going to suck.” The train finally arrived and they all got onto the train. Amanda sat right in the front, away from everyone. The train then arrived at the school station. Amanda took out her headphones and looked out the window. The school was huge! She grabbed her bag and walked out of train doors and out of the station and towards the school. All people would do is stare at her. She knew this was going to happen, so it didn’t bother her. She wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone anyway.
“So guys, who’s ready for Friday?” Harry asked his 4 best friends
“I sure know I am.” His friend Liam replied
“Where’s Louis?” Harry’s friend Zayn asked as her looked around the halls
“Probably with Eleanor.” Niall said as he rolled his eyes
“What a surprise.” Harry said sarcastically

Harry, otherwise known as the heartthrob, was in the 11th grade and went to Cheshire Comprehensive High, just like Amanda. Every girl had a crush on him. And he knew it. He was a flirt. A real flirt. He had quite an amount of girlfriends. Broke all their hearts. He’d never had a relationship where he could really say “I love you” to the other, but all that was on his mind all the time was girls. If you dated Harry, you we’re considered the luckiest girl in the entire school. His sweet charm and gorgeous features made all the girls swoon.
Amanda finally found her locker number and began to open it to put things away that she didn’t need for the morning. She put her jacket into her locker and put all the other binders she didn’t need away. She closed her locker and began to walk down the hallway to find her first classroom. She wasn’t paying attention to anyone around her, when suddenly she felt herself bump into somebody. She dropped all of her books on the ground.
“Ow! Sorry! I’m sorry, I wasn’t looking.” She explained to the guy with curly brown hair picking up her books for her.
“No worries, your-“ Harry stopped in the middle of his sentence when he looked up.

He couldn’t believe it. She was the most beautiful girl he had every laid eyes on. Everything about her was perfect. Her full pink plump lips. Her silky, shiny, brown, chocolate hair that cascaded to her shoulders. Her soft rosy cheeks, her milky skin tone. She was gorgeous in his eyes. He had never experienced a feeling like this before. He didn’t understand.
“Um…” Amanda said awkwardly, “I’ll take these.” She explained as she took her books from his hand.
Harry came back to reality, “Oh, yeah right. I’m sorry.”
“I’m Amanda by the way. I’m new here.”
“I’m Harry. Not so new here.”
She giggled a little bit, “Well I think I better go find my class.”
Amanda walked around him and continued to find her way around the school. Harry turned around and watched her walk away. “Idiot.” He thought, “she’s beautiful. Go after her you fool!” He went to catch up with her.
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Posted 11 November 2012 - 11:17 PM

More plz
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Posted 12 November 2012 - 09:03 AM

Amazing! Please write more! Can't wait!


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Posted 13 November 2012 - 06:19 AM


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