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#25857 'Design a One Direction T-Shirt' Competition!

Posted by admin_Chris on 27 November 2012 - 02:10 PM


Oooh, another competition! How exciting :)

Right Directioners, we were so impressed with the standard of entries in our last 'Design a 1D Wallpaper' competition, that we want you to use your awesome design skills to come up with a One Direction T-Shirt.

  • You are free to come up with any design that you want, and the winner will receive 3 real, printed T-Shirts with your winning design
  • You'll also receive a Deluxe Yearbook Edition of 'Take Me Home', along with a Red Band T-Shirt & 2013 Calendar, as seen on OneDirectionShop.com
  • Simply create your T-Shirt design using Photoshop or a similar app, and then upload it to our new 'One Direction T-Shirts' Gallery

You can choose any colour you want for T-shirt, and then use your own imagination to come up with something that you think would look cool. Leave us a quick message in this thread to let us know you've entered, and good luck! There will also be 5 runner-up prizes of 1D wristbands and keyrings.

For a plain T-Shirt image without anything on it, search Google Images for "blank t-shirt", and you'll get loads of starter images.



Click here for the main page on our new site to read any terms & conditions.

#24097 POLL: Who's your favourite member of 1D?

Posted by DontWannaBeReminded on 11 October 2012 - 08:30 PM

I can't choose!! They're all so amazing!


Posted by One Direction Crazy on 09 November 2012 - 03:40 PM

I'm not trying to be rude, but it is utter rubbish. Harry and Louis are just friends, nothing more nothing less. Leave them alone. If you really did like Louis you wouldn't spread mean rumours.

#23604 'Design A Wallpaper' Competition!

Posted by admin_Chris on 02 October 2012 - 11:12 AM

Posted Image

We've just launched a brand new competition where you can win the following:
  • Deluxe 'Take Me Home' Yearbook Edition
  • 2013 Calendar
We've got THREE of the above to give away, plus FIVE runners-up prizes of One Direction keyrings and wristbands,

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is:
  • Design a One Direction themed wallpaper, background or montage!
  • Once you've created your wallpaper, post it for all to see in our 'Gallery' section, in the "Competition Entries" gallery
  • Leave us a quick message in this thread letting us know which entries are yours
When the competition closes on Sunday November 18th we'll choose the best entries who will win the above prizes! As well as this, we'll list the best entries on our Wallpaper page so other fans can download them too!

[UPDATE: The winners have been announced further down this thread, click here to see if you've won!]

Click here for the main page to read the full terms & conditions.

#113400 Insomnia

Posted by Harry_Screamer on 17 September 2013 - 08:31 AM


Harry's POV


It was 1:03 on a brisk October morning in 2009 when I met her.

I had been taking an insomniac stroll through my hometown of Holmes Chapel
where I literally stumbled onto her. On my midnight path, I first passed by a
house party held by Holmes Chapel honorary douchebag, Ethan Littleton. Rap
music vibrated the big brick house along with cusses and shouts, something
along time lines of "chug, chug, chug." I immediately scoffed at the house, and
continued onto my night walk. Just as I passed the house's side, my converse
must've caught a hold of an ingrown tree root because I could feel my leg twisting and sticking in a distinct space.
"Watch it, asshole!" A voice yelped.
I twisted his body around and realized the supposed root was a hand. And that
hand belonged to her.
She glared at me as I studied her. She wore a tight pink dress, which fell far
from her scuffed knees with the straps hanging off her shoulder blades. One of
her black heels was on her foot, with the other one elsewhere. She held a brittle
cigarette between her skinny middle and ring fingers but I realized she wasn't
smoking it. She just let the smoke whirl into the cloudless English night sky,
never taking a slow drag to the mouth and having smoke billow out of her cherry
stained lips. Her empty gray eyes were strewn with mascara all the way to the
edges of her mouth and her long, dark hair was flipped over the right side of her
head plastered with sweat. I looked down to my side, and there was a small
object glistening next to her ankle. A knife.
She was a mess; a beautiful, intriguing mess.
"Was it Ethan?" I projected abruptly.
The girl lowered her head closer to the concrete, her gray eyes shuddering as
she reluctantly nodded. Yes.
"You don't deserve this," my voice echoed under the dim streetlamp,
Frankly, I didn't know what the hell I was talking about. What was 'this?' And
what didn't she deserve? I barely knew her, and I was already presuming how
good or bad she was of a person, that she didn't deserve scraped knees ormascara stained face. But I said it anyways, and I didn't regret it.
She raised her falling head at me, narrowing her hoary eyes as she sized me up.
"Excuse me?" she guffawed almost humorlessly. "How the hell do you know my
situation or anything? Are you god himself?"
"No, I don't think I'm god," I mumbled stupidly. "I just know you don't deserve it."
She rolled her eyes, but I could see under the spotlight of the streetlamp those
same eyes rolled with tears also. She slowly stared back at me, and that's
when I decided she was probably the most beautiful and interesting human I
had ever met. More shouts and cusses rang through the wind, but I ignored it.
And by pure miraculousness, she did too.
"Why are you being so nice?" She whispered, not necessarily sad or angrylike. Just a general question.
"I'm being a decent human being. Come on, let me help you up."
I held my hand out, and for a few seconds I panicked at the potential awkwardness that would result from the failure of this gesture. But she touched my hand, to which I grabbed as she flicked out the ash of the cigarette with her other hand. I pulled her body weight off the cement, her legs clambering behind her as her foot with no high heel skimmed the ground and I pulled her close to my face, and our hands were intertwined for longer than we both expected.
I realized something a long time ago about how the human spirit weaves into
human anatomy. Regardless of color, shape or size, eyes are relatively one in
the same. They all are the most accurate outlets of emotion our bodies have.
For instance, a person could wear the dirtiest, dingiest, and most torn up piece
of clothing in the whole world and you can judge them however you want them
for that. But only when you look into one's eyes will you truly know the content of
their nature. While her body and clothing screamed obvious damsel, her eyes
whispered words of impenetrable strength.
So I walked her down the dirt road towards her home. The road unwound just
as much as her mysteries did. I learned she was sixteen, and would be
seventeen in approximately fifty-seven days. Her brother, Pat, was in the British
Air Force and had the same gray eyes she did. Her mother, Claire and father,
Andrew were divorced, but remained good friends to which she had a close
relationship with both of them. She had a calico cat named Priscilla and a
goldfish named Fishy. She explained the creative name, saying she got it on
her eighth birthday and was miraculously still alive.
She wasn't the only one talking though; I told her how I had one sister named
Gemma who had the same eyes as me as well. I told her about how my parents
divorced when I was seven years old, and I didn't talk to my dad much for
unknown reasons even to myself. I also told her how I loved singing, and would
constantly sing In my Place by Coldplay to myself in the shower and how I
planned to audition for X Factor this upcoming season to which she seemed
excited about and called me "superstar."
I hesitantly told her the story of how I got shit faced after my girlfriend wouldn't come outside with me when I scattered rose petals and lit candles on the local bridge to which I pointed out on our way down the dirt path. She laughed at this, and changed my nickname from "superstar" into "idiot." The whole time we
were talking to each other, we struggled not to puncture a hole in our lungs from
laughing so hard.
Nothing was dull with her. She had an unspeakable beauty about her, she was enticing to look at and even more enticing to talk to. I desperately wished I would see her again, and that's what I told her as we reached the doorstep of her house.
"Maybe you will," she winked playfully. But I was serious, so I rested my hand on
her forearm. I didn't need to say anything, before she breathed out and put her
other hand on mine.
"You will," she said as her eyes bled into mine, silver pouring into an ocean.
And somehow, I knew I would see her a lot more. She hesitated a while before
she leaned in and kissed my cheek quickly, but to me it was tender and slow. I
closed my eyes during this, and oddly I could see a scene in the future where
the mystery girl and I slid rings onto each other fingers, and where we held our
first child with nothing but love and adoration in our eyes. I saw us now with
deep set wrinkles and frail bodies lying on a bed, gazing into each other's eyes
until they closed from natural death. I opened my eyes in shock, but when I did
the door was swiveling in the autumn breeze and closed securely.
I didn't have her name, but I knew so much about her. I suddenly couldn't
remember where she lived or how I found her. It was almost like a memory
drowning in amnesia, a diamond sinking into a mossy swamp, a dream that I couldn't recall.
Suddenly, the house spun like a picture in a tornado and I was sucked into a
gradually fading doorstep and into white. Quickly and without wait, this blinding
white blurred into a scene where I could just barely make out blue and red
flashing headlights and various amounts of yellow tape shouting:
Curious and very confused, I blended into a crowd of bystanders with sadness
and shock on their faces.
"Excuse me," I mumbled as I tried to shove past them. But my attempt was
unsuccessful for I had walked blatantly through them.
"What the hell?" I shouted frantically, but no one turned to look.
No one heard me.
No one saw me.
I spun my body in endless twirls and dizzy spells until my body suddenly forced
into a stance where I could clearly see the taped off section.
There was a girl on the ground, with gruesome red splattering all over her hot
pink dress. Her legs were unnaturally contorted as her knees buckled into the
dirt, where the red met the brown all around her waist. Her lifeless gray eyes
were shot open, and along with a knife there was a worn out cigarette thrown
next to her side.
It was her.
Almost on instinct, I saw a misty outline of a body rise from her chest. It was a
ghostly apparatus of her, my destined soul mate. She smirked at me and before she rose into the dark sky, she mouthed two words at me.
You will.
I felt an irreversible amount of vomit sliding up my throat and into my mouth.
There was so much blood, I thought as I painfully shuddered. Suddenly my skull
snapped at the sound of a woman's wailing.
"My baby!" She wailed. "My poor baby!"
"Mum?" My mother was standing in the next group of bystanders, who the police were miserably trying to console the growing crowd. She was with Gemma and
Robin, who both tried their best to conceal their emotions but it was useless;
tears still sprayed all over their cheeks and rolled onto the ground beneath
them. I screamed out to her, maybe she would hear me.
"Mum, tell me what's wrong!" But she didn't. Instead, she tried to break through the crime tape as she sobbed endlessly, but my sister and my step-dad had pulled her back and tried to shield her from the sight. But what sight? I thought.
Almost spiritually, my pointer finger suddenly shifted from being in a clenched
fist to pointing approximately seven feet from her. There was a young man, his
evidently curly haired head face down in the gravel scattered dirt. His hands
were palms down above his head, almost in a defensive manner.
Curious, I inched closer to the boy who had even more blood seeping into his clothes. I kneeled down to him, and shut my eyes in resistance to face reality. But as I opened them once more, the boy was turned face up and I felt the same bile
spill out of my mouth.
A pair of dead green eyes stared at me. The boy was me.
Uhmm so again this was a one-shot...And if you like it please press the like button there too↘..I would appreciate that :)


Posted by One Direction Crazy on 09 November 2012 - 03:37 PM

I'm not trying to be rude, but that rubbish about Larry Stylinson is nonsense. If you really do love Louis, you wouldn't offend him by spreading rumours and calling him gay. Harry and Louis are just friends, nothing more nothing less. Thank you for your attention, please consider this.

#24248 Who do you think the hottest is out of one direction?

Posted by hannah63470 on 15 October 2012 - 08:20 PM

All you do is tell -who you think the cutest out of 1D is. mine is niall horan

#24128 POLL: Who's your favourite member of 1D?

Posted by directioner 4eva on 12 October 2012 - 02:12 AM

I totally love nialler

#143175 Zouis smoking video

Posted by CrazyHarryLover on 28 May 2014 - 08:29 PM

Okay when I saw it I was shocked but really? Its there lives we need to keep out of it. There not stupid there just young lads having a bit of fun. Give them a break. I get you might be upset but you don't expect them to be perfect at all times. There just acting as a normal person for once. There's a lot of people who do exactly what they have done. And those people saying there no longer a Directioner. Just go away. If you can leave like that you mustn't of been a Directioner in the first place. The media took this too far and now its some big thing when its not. We can't tell them what to do. I'm still a Directioner and I always will be. Everyone just needs to calm down.

#114596 My Heart Will Go On

Posted by Harry_Screamer on 23 September 2013 - 07:39 PM




"Come on girls, wake up" I went over to Darcy's bed cot and lightly shook her awake.
"We're moving house today girlies" I said to them, picking up Isabelle.
"Do we have to get dressed now?" Darcy asked me.
"Aha, yes you do" I put Isabelle down and went over to their suitcases and picked out some matching clothes for them.
"Right girls, are you okay dressing yourselves?" I asked them.
"Uhh, yes we'll be okay" Isabelle said to me.
Isabelle was the more... Responsible one, Darcy was the more cheeky one.
Isabelle had light brown hair, just below her shoulders, which turn into curls at the bottom. She likes her hair kind of short. Her eyes are a mix of green and blue.
Darcy looks like her dad, curly dark hair, a little longer than Isabelle's, she has more green eyes, but she has a hint of blue in them. They both had a dimple on their right cheeks.
I walked out the room back to Harry's and my room. Lazy ass Harry was still in the bed...
I laid down on top of Harry and kissed his shoulder.
"Harry, wake up babe"
He started stirring, and turned around so he was facing me. His eyes were still closed, but he had a smirk on his face.. If he wants it then he can get it.
"Harry Styles wake up now!" I shouted in his ear, slapping his cheeks.
"Oww! Okay okay I'm up!" He shouted, putting his arms round me and kissed me. "I'm going to check on the cat"
"What? Okay, leave me with the kids then" I said to him.
Harry bought a little kitten about a month ago, we called him, well, Harry called him Puss.
Me and Harry got married 6 months ago. We wanted to get married, because,it seemed right to do so.
We have had another child, a baby boy called George.
I think George is a really cute name. He is 2 weeks old, has baby blue eyes and dark hair. I walked over to George, who was still sleeping in his cot, at the end of mine and Harry's bed.
 I picked him up, put him on a mat, and changed his nappy. I picked out a dark blue baby grow with white moons and yellow stars. I put a matching hat on him, and a blue jacket, seeing as it's snowing outside.
Well, it is the week before Christmas. I put him in a little basket cot thing with his teddy. To be honest, that
teddy scares me. It's got blue button eyes and yellow fur. Harry and the girl picked it out. We've bought him other toys but he liked that one the best. He always cries when he's not around it.
"Right. The cat's fed. What now?" He asked me.
"Well, you can fold the sheets away from our bed and the girls beds and but them in a box. Oh, and check if the girls are dressed, they're taking a while"
Just as I said that, the door barged open and the girls came through the door.
"We're dressed!" Darcy shouted. I looked at them and they were wearing everything back to front.
"Girls! Dress properly!" I shouted.
Harry walked over to them, took each girl in each of his arms and tipped them upside down.
They screamed in delight as Harry plopped them on the bed.
"Now! Let's get you dressed properly or else the tickle claw will come out!" He playfully shouted, flexing his fingers and tickling Isabelle.
"Okay! I will get dressed!" She squealed.
"Good! Now, Darcy, what about you?"
"No! I won't get dressed!" She shouted.
"Okay! You asked for it!" Harry shouted, before attacking her stomach and tickling it. It was really great to see this. Harry is a great father.
I quickly got dressed into light blue skinny jeans, a white top and a big white knitted jumper. I put my hair up into a high ponytail and put some mascara, eyeliner, blusher and lipgloss on.
I turned around to see the girls and Harry dressed. That was quick..
"Okay guys that's the removal men" I said. "Everything is in boxes right Harry?"
"Yep, don't worry, just answer the door."
I opened the door to see a familiar guy... Black quiff, tanned skin, blueoveralls...
Uh oh... He was the removal man guy when we moved to Holmes Chapel, the one who asked me for my number!
"Oh, hey it's you. How you doing?" He asked me.
"Tired, I have three children and a husband to look after" I said to him.
"Oh, right.. Well, we'll get started"
About 4 removal men started taking things to the lorry.
"Harry, can you get the girls and Puss? I'll see to George. We'll put them in the car!" I shouted to Harry.
"Yep! Got them" He shouted.
I walked to the kitchen and put Puss in his little basket and he lay down fas asleep inside it.
I walked over to our bedroom to get George.
"Hey baby, time to go now" I whispered to him.
I walked outside to the car and strapped him in along with the basket buggy thing between the girls.
"Look after George girls, well, Isabelle"
"I can look after him too!" Darcy shouted.
"Okay okay, where's Daddy?" I asked them.
"Getting Puss"
I got inside the car and waited for Harry. About ten minutes later Harry came outside, got inside the car and gave Puss to me.
"Ready to go to our new home?!" Harry shouted.
"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" The girls chanted.
"Alrighty let's go!" He shouted, "Wait a second" He put a CD in and pressed play. What Makes You Beautiful started to play.
"You can't beat the old classics" Harry chuckled.
Two of their albums are out and they are making a third one. I went to college after the girls were born, for about a year. I then got a job at Syco Records, a music producer. It's a really cool job. My sister Harper is currently in a
performing arts school at the moment. She has appeared in a few program's on the telly. She's really good.
So far so good, everything's going swimmingly well.
"Come on girls! Go and explore" I said to them. They unstrapped their seatbelts and went running off to the garden. I got out of the car to see it. It was white, with a red door. It looked beautiful in the snow. The garden was really big, with a pond and a trampoline already in the garden, put up by Harry. There was also a big climbing frame. This estate is great!
"Have you got the key Harry?" I asked him excitedly.
"Yep here it is!" He shouted, showing me the key.
"I'll take Puss" I walked out of the car to get George. He was fast asleep. I unstrapped him and walked to the front door where Harry, Puss and the girls stood.
"Ready to see our new home?" Harry asked us.
"Yes yes yes!" The girls shouted together. Harry unlocked the door and opened it. It was huge!
There was a big corridor with doors either side. At the end was a really big kitchen. We walked inside and Harry opened the first door. It was a big living room with black sofas and big throw overs and rugs. There was a fireplace in the right hand corner.
"Wow, Harry this is amazing!" I shouted, hugging him.
"You're welcome babe. I just want you to be happy"
"I am happy Harry, thankyou" I said, kissing him.
I walked inside the living room and sat down on one of the sofas. God! It's really comfy.
"Harry, come and sit down, it's really comfy here!"
I took George out of the basket and laid him down on my lap.
Harry sat down beside me and hugged me, whilst stroking George's hair.
"You're both so beautiful" He whispered, kissing my neck.
"You are too Harry. I love you so much" I whispered.
"I love you too" He kissed me.
Every time he kisses me, I still feel fireworks explode inside me, like the first time we kissed.
"Mummy daddy! There's a pool downstairs!" Isabelle shouted, running through to us.
"Really?! That's awesome" I said over excitedly
"Yeah, but, there's one problem."What?"
"Darcy jumped in it!" She shouted.
"What?! Where is she? Is she still in the pool?" I asked her.
"No mummy! I'm here!" Darcy shouted from the doorway, soaking wet.
"Darcy! Why on earth did you do that?" I asked her, giving Harry George and stripping Darcy.
"There's a towel next to the pool" She said.
"Okay go and get it. But no jumping in the pool!" I said to her.
"Just let them go wild, she's butt naked anyway" Harry chuckled.
"Just like her father sometimes" I glared at Harry.
"Does that mean I can go into the pool as well?" Isabelle asked me.
"Hmm... Okay fine, but don't go into the deep end please."
"YAAY" She screamed.
"You need to take your clothes off first though" Harry said.
She stripped and went running off to the pool. I sat back down beside Harry.
"This is going to be one of the best Christmases ever" Harry whispered.
"One of the best? What was the best one you had so far?" I asked him.
"When we had Christmas sex" He chuckled.
"Oh yeah, but I got an unexpected delivery after" I giggled nervously.
"No regrets though?" He said.
"No regrets"
"SURPRISE!!" Someone shouted from the door. Let me guess. Louis.
"Hey Louis in here" Harry shouted.
All the boys live in the same estate, it's easier for everyone. Everyone came in.
"Hey, nice house" Danielle complemented.
"Thank you Danielle! How's the kids?" I asked as one of her kids came running through the door.
"Liam's got the other one" She chuckled."Louis, where's William?" She asked. Louis turned around for us to see William clung to his back.
"He loves his dad to pieces" She chuckled.
I should explain. Louis and Eleanor are married and they have a little boy called William. He is 2 years old.
Liam and Danielle are married and they have a 4 year old son called Isaac and a 6 month old girl called Amelia.
Zayn and Perrie are engaged, soon to be married next month.
And Niall and Katie, Niall just proposed to her.
I've kept in touch with Hannah, we went to her wedding, she's married to Josh, the drummer of One Direction. I have to say, they are a cute couple. They are still on their honeymoon in Hawaii.
Harry, I think he is the happiest man alive. Despite our breakups and flaws, we still came out together in the end. As for me, I couldn't be happier, everything is going really well, and I don't want it to stop. I've loved Harry from the start, and it's staying like that until the end.
My heart has been set on Harry. Always has done and always will do.
Wow this feels great! Sequel will be uploaded tomorrow if and only if you guys 'like'it! :)
I gave you hint what the sequel's name gonna be , it's written in italics..
And the sequel's gonna be a cliché one againn!!
Ok thanks if you like it and i love you all!! :)
1D loves you too!
'like' if you smiled when you read it↖.

#95924 Fanfiction Chat

Posted by myheartisallfor1D on 08 July 2013 - 03:47 PM

Ok... Do u think that this is a good idea 4 a fanfic?? 1D have been kidnapped and a team of girls has to save and protect them

#86509 The One Direction Infection Poem

Posted by admin_emma on 30 May 2013 - 09:55 AM

Their name is One Direction,

People say I have an obsession

But how can you not? They are perfection,

It’s the One Direction infection.


Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn,

And of course we can’t forget Liam Payne.

They stepped on the X Factor stage and took a bow,

And look where they are now.


Their topless reveals,

Made us fall head over heels.

And their voices had us glued,

We were well and truly wooed.


Some might say we’re crazy, crazy, crazy,

But we just say we’re Directioners, baby.

Their music tells us we’re beautiful,

And that’s what makes them wonderful.


Where would we be without our boys?

Our whole lives would be destroyed.

Maybe we would be in ‘The Wanted’s’ fan base,

Or not, that would be a disgrace.


Their name is One Direction,

People say I have an obsession

But how can you not? They are perfection,

It’s the One Direction infection.

Thanks for reading!  :D 

#52355 I accidentally changed one direction into Vampires

Posted by piper charms on 25 February 2013 - 07:41 PM


Amber groaned her stomach rumbled as she curled up inside an ally way, she was soooo thirsty, drinking from animals wouldn't do anylonger, she knew this would happen eventually, she had to drink human blood or she would starve, very slowly her blood lust got the better of her, her eyes darkened as she felt her fangs come throught and her eyes flickered red.

She couldnt take it any longer...she needed Blood!!
Suddenly she heard human heart beats near her and Amber licked her lips hungrily.
They came round the corner and she struck not caring who the hell it was, it was 5 guys, they were in shock and tried to fight her but they were no match for her vampire strength.

She ripped into their necks drinking greedily, her true strength coming back and her thirst slowly dyed away but she still wanted more!

She suddenly slowly regained her composture and looked down horrified at the boys she's killed, they all that no heartbeats and she knew they couldnt have started to change into vampire so quickly, it took a long time. Oh god she'd killed them! the guilt welled up inside her and tears would of come if she could still cry. Filled with pain she ran, she didnt look back which was a shame because if she had she would of seen their skin turning as pale as the moonlight, there bodys changing slighty to look more muscled and fitter and their torn necks healing whats more mabye she would of know why they had looked so familer to her.


Late in the night Louis Tomlinsons now cold black eyes snapped open as he drew a shaky breath into his lungs.

#34650 Are you Niall's biggest fan? Test your knowledge here!

Posted by One Direction Crazy on 19 January 2013 - 02:18 PM

Hi guys, this is a Niall Horan quiz I made. Some of the questions have answer options to help you while others don't. I hope this doesn't offend anyone as it is only a bit of fun. Good luck!
1) When was Niall born?
A. 29 August
B. 12 January
C. 13 September
2) What is Niall's middle name?
3) Where does Niall love to eat?
4) Which member of The Wanted is Niall mates with?
A. Nathan
B. Siva
C. Max
5) What kind of girl does Niall like?
6) Would he eat on a date?
7) Is he in a relationship?
8) How old is niall?
A. 18
B. 20
C. 19
9) Where was he born?
A. England
B. Ireland
C. America
10) Is he the hottest boy in the world?! (Your choice!) :-D

#26296 Haylor

Posted by pattylou on 05 December 2012 - 06:24 PM

All I want to say. Everytime everyone from 1d tells us how much they owe us. Like without fans they will have nothing. They got used us to treat them as our buddies! Cool friends we can talk to. They share lots of things with us, even thoughts, broken hearts, ect. But then one of them (hey, you Harry Styles) who is the most sharing person change everything. He couldn’t come and say: hey my lovely fans, this is a person I might fall in love, I want to try with her. Not sure what happened but I want to try. Just saying. is it not easier ? Every fan knows he will fall in love with someone sooner or later, but He prefer sneak around, call her only friend and walk through front door to her hotel with toiletry bag. he thought that no one see them? Or he is Like: “my personal life shouldn’t bother you at all”. You let us Harry to be part of your life and now you are telling us fuck off? Go buy tickets and enjoy the show, but don’t care where he spend nights? seriously? Where is his faith to us? If he wanted to hide her (as always he did with his gf) and has a secret love, why he walks around with her without a explanations? And now he shouldn't be surprised that his fans do not accept her. She sneaks in to "our" life with no invitation. Yes sure it is his life and He can be with everyone he wants. But it's all about trust and be fair. Like cookies or you want to share it with everyone by sayin” hey that’s my cookies” or you eat it in empty room with no one around. And no one from 1d want to confirm anything (except E. She is a huge fan of Taylor and Harry. We know why). And so we have to wait until someone ask them again: Who is single and only Niall rise his hand up? I don’t know I feel cheated by Harry. He is tooo late to tell the truth.

#25864 'Design a One Direction T-Shirt' Competition!

Posted by elajesuitas1d on 27 November 2012 - 05:23 PM

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Here are some of it. Check it out! Badly wanna win. :)


#24983 POLL: Vote for your favourite song on 'Take Me Home'

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I'm liking "they don't know about us". "heart attack" and "rock me"

#138481 Love Triangle Kik RP?

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Hey there! I'm looking for a kik rp partner. I'm looking for a love triangle kind of plot in which I play Zayn and Harry, Zayn and Louis or Harry and Louis, and you play the girl. They can be famous or not. Please be comfortable with mature themes and have good grammar ~ Leave your kik user or send me a message asking me for mine if interested? Thanks (:

#129212 Best Story Ever

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best song ever sketch

Chapter Two - Part One.


There was a light tap on the bedroom door, but Tamina didn't budge. She had no idea what time of day it was, and having tossed and turned all night long, her eyes were now puffy, her lips were swollen, and her head was thumping. She wanted to go home, or at least to her parents' house since they still lived down the road, but more than anything else, she wanted her best friend.

"Tam, are you up honey?"

Tam's heart leapt in response to the voice, like a jump start to a failing engine. She whipped the cover off her head and sat up, Liam's sister's bedroom coming into view all around her. Tam had known Liam's sister had been staying at her boyfriend's house since the first night everyone came down, and it had been a blessing in disguise when Tam had needed somewhere to escape to last night. She was pretty sure Jasmine’s last minute arrival had meant this space was supposed to be occupied, but Jasmine had stayed up with Niall and the boys in Liam's room, so Tam had been able to slam the door shut and lock herself away. She hadn't left the room since.

"It's just me, Tam. You can open the door."

The voice pulled Tam's legs over the side of the bed and then she was on her feet, unlocking the door and looking in to the eyes of the only other person in the house that she could bear to see.

"Oh, honey," Karen said, clutching a cup of tea in her left hand, and cupping Tam's face with her right. "Look at you."

Tam made sure the door was closed again, and then followed Karen over to the bed, immediately thanking her and taking the mug to sip down some of the hot, sweet tea. It worked wonders almost at once, and Tam felt her head clearing and her insides warming up. It stopped the numbness, like she knew it would, and she was extremely grateful.

"I'm not going to ask if you're ok, I can see you're not that." Karen spoke quietly, as if Tam would shatter in to a thousand pieces if she spoke any louder. "I'm not going to ask you anything, I'm simply going to tell you. You need to speak to Liam."

Tam took another sip of tea.

"I don't know the ins and outs of what happened, and I don't want to know." Karen continued, reaching over to stroke Tamina's hair down, which was all kinds of crazy since she hadn't bothered to wrap it last night. "All I do know is that you're both incredibly hurt, and it's so important, it's vital Tamina… that you continue to fully communicate with each other."

"I don’t… I can’t." Tam choked out.

"Of course you can sweety. You always have done before," Karen waited for Tam’s eyes to meet hers before adding, "What's changed now?"

And just like that, Tam wanted to escape again. She wanted to pack up the things she had brought with her, and run away fast, back to the comforts of her own home. Back to London. Back to the theatre and her life where she never had to think about her feelings because Liam was always far away. She wanted to go back in time and never agree on coming along to this damn weekend in the first place.

"The two of you grew up together, right under my nose." Karen said before sighing and wiping Tam's face, even though there were no tears. "I can't say I didn't see this coming. Liam's life changed in a drastic way, yes, but it's crazy for you to think you're not still a part of it. A big part of it."

Tam hadn't seen Liam for over nine months before he had called and invited her down, and not seeing someone for that long can make you feel a certain way. It can make you feel like you no longer ache to be with that person. It can make you feel like being in their arms, isn't the safest place in the world to you. That is, until you see that person, and then there's no denying it. Then, there's no hiding.

"I don't know what to do. I don't know what he wants. I don't know what I want…" Tam spoke in to the silence, a croak in her voice. "I've spent so long trying to convince myself that Liam just doesn't see me in that kind of light. Telling myself that there's no way he could leave, and start a whole new life, and be completely fine not speaking to me for months at a time, if he felt anything more than friendship."

"It's different now though, Tamina. They were so much younger mentally when they first started out, they didn't get to make the choices when it came to that kind of stuff. Trust me; I didn't like it either,” Karen said. “But more importantly, you think he was fine that whole time, babe?”

Tam shrugged, lifelessly.

"Have you spoken to Liam about any of this? About what you went through-"

"Of course not, Karen! I'm so happy for him, I love that he's living his dream, and I couldn't be any prouder of him. I just..." Tam placed her mug on the bedside table and took a deep breath, a framed picture of Liam on the shelf across the room, catching her eye. Her heart tried to plead with her head for a moment, but it was no use.

She had known it was going to be hard seeing him this weekend, and even harder having him leave again, and she had been dreading telling him about the guy she was dating, but she had stupidly convinced herself that it all would work out fine. That Liam would accept her news, and be happy she was happy, and then would go off on tour and they'd see each other in hopefully another nine months’ time. Tam hadn't been expecting any of this conflict, and her head knew her heart wasn't strong enough for it. Not after last time.

"D’ya know what? It doesn't even matter." Tam finally muttered.

"Honey…" Karen started.

"No, seriously," Tam was on her feet again. "You said it yourself; we've always been good at communicating. If Liam felt something more for me, he would have told me." He wouldn't have gone and found himself a girlfriend, and bought a puppy with her, Tam thought to herself. She felt a pain in her chest as anger, mingled with resentment, rose from deep down below. A frigging puppy? Really?

"Instead, he waits until I've finally built myself up enough to have a life that doesn't revolve around him, and then gets mad at me for it."

Karen was shaking her head, looking up at Tamina sadly. "You know there's more to it than that."

"Nah, there's not. No offence Aunty Kay, I'm always going to care about him, and I'll try and be there whenever he needs me, I always have done… But I've cried enough tears for that boy." Tam caught her reflection in the mirror beside the door, and the chaotic mess that stared back at her made tiny icicles form around her heart. She couldn’t let him do this to her. Not again.

She turned back to Karen and inhaled deeply, her body shivering as she willed herself to be strong. "It stops now."


The water in the shower felt amazing on Tam's body. It helped her loosen up and allowed her to tap deeper into her thoughts. Yes, Liam had found out she was kind of seeing someone, in the worst possible way he ever could, but at least he knew now. She had planned to tell him anyway, and his anger had been understandable to her last night… until he had said what he said. Until he had basically accused Tam of breaking the promise that he himself, had already broken.

They had never spoken about it, but Tam knew he had. She had seen him at his eighteenth birthday and could tell he was different. She had practically freaked out, and if it hadn’t been for Harry, Louis, Zayn and especially Niall, Tam was pretty sure she would have lost it completely. Liam saying what he had last night, without a shadow of a doubt, had crossed the line. He had no right, and he had made her cry. And that wasn’t okay.

Once Tam had eventually got out of the shower, she dried down, and then emptied a bottle of leave-in conditioner onto her head, rubbing it in to her roots and combing it through her hair as much as she could. The water had shrunk it, making it a lot more manageable, and it now hung down her back, leaving a trail of tiny drops on the floor behind her as she crept down the hallway. Tam was trying her best to get back to the bedroom without bumping in to anyone, but she ought not to have bothered, as all the girls were apparently in the bedroom, waiting for her.

"Oh, Tammy.” Perrie pounced on Tam as soon as she saw her, wrapping her arms around Tam’s neck to hug her furiously.

Tam held the towel closer to her body as she hugged Perrie back, peeping over her shoulder at the faces of concern. "What are you all doing?" Seeing them made her smile, though only for a second.

“We’ve come to get you ready,” Aubrey chirped up, pulling what Tamina noticed was her mini travelling suitcase, out of nowhere. “Obviously." She added cheekily.

As soon as Aubrey had unzipped the case and thrown the top off, Lynndra and Jasmine buried themselves into it, sifting through Tam's garments and holding up random pieces of clothing to check that they went well together. Aubrey lined up the five pairs of shoes Tam had packed, and before Tam could say anything more, Perrie had marched her over to Liam’s sister’s vanity table, and sat her down in front of the mirror. She groaned when she saw her reflection this time.

"Don't worry," Eleanor said, walking over from the bed with her Mac Cosmetics bag and plopping it down beside Tam’s chair. "We'll get rid of those puffy eyes, I promise."

No one spoke as the girls went to work, Perrie beginning to brush down the ends of Tam's wet hair, and it was at that moment, that Tam started feeling extremely overwhelmed. Did the girls think she was exaggerating about the whole situation, and that she should get over herself because Liam didn't care all that much anyway? Did they think she was maybe right in her actions, and agree that Liam deserved to be ignored, at least for a little while longer?

Tam wasn’t sure about either of those things. The only thing she was sure of was the fact that these girls hadn’t chosen sides and they hadn’t jumped to conclusions. They knew she was raw with misery, and regardless of their opinions, they were there for her.

Tam wanted to jump up and hug them all, and collapse in a flood of tears, all at the same time. “You guys, I can't explain how much... Really, you don't have to...” She struggled.

“Hey, come on,” Eleanor said, using the end of the blusher brush to poke Tam in the shoulder. “You're one of us, we’re not going to give up on you.”

And when a distracted Perrie turned to give her verdict on the low-cut, silver dress and black shawl that Lynndra and Jasmine were now holding up in the air in front of them, Aubrey cradling a pair of Tam's favourite, black heels, Eleanor bent down to Tam’s ear and whispered, "Don't give up on him."


The party had kicked off at full swing, and if Tam had been in a better mood, she would’ve been thoroughly enjoying herself on the dance floor with the others. All the friends and family of the boys were in the massive, rented hall, and all the boys were present, apart from Harry, who was outside with the girl from the go-kart place, and Liam, who was nowhere to be seen.

It had been a bit of a scramble back at Liam’s house, with everyone trying to get ready so they could all leave at the same time, but they had managed it, and Ben Winston was extremely happy. Tam hadn’t seen Liam when she had arrived downstairs before they had departed. She was one of the last of the girls to be ready, and Ben had started shouting about cars, and times, and what order the boys would be singing at the party, leaving Tam no chance of even looking for Liam.

It had been the boys’ idea for them to perform a little song for everyone just for fun, and without the pressure of being judged or reviewed. It was a nice touch for the friends that never got to see the boys, and for the families that had been forced to watch the boys grow up and mature on their TV screens, instead of before their very eyes. It was such a lively and pulsating atmosphere, Tam almost felt like she didn’t belong. She knew she couldn’t leave, especially without talking to Liam first, and she wanted to be there to support the boys and express along with everyone else, how delighted she was for all of them… but her insides were screaming.

Louis was about to take the stage, which had been set up at the head of the hall, long tables of food, drinks and treats running down either side. Tam could make out Eleanor, Zayn, Perrie, Niall, Lynndra, and Zayn’s sisters through the crowd, all up at the front near the stage. She stood to go and join them, passing one of the tables to help herself to a white wine, and saw Aubrey duck out of the ladies bathroom near the entrance of the hall.

Tam watched her look around in a flustered manner, and started heading over to her, just as Aubrey spotted her and did the same, weaving herself through and past the swarming bodies. Tam took a sip of wine and felt her chest tingle after she swallowed, enticing her to take another big gulp. Why didn't I start drinking sooner?

“Tam!” Aubrey gasped, grabbing Tam’s hand as soon as she reached her and pulling her in the direction she had just come from. “We have a little bit of an emergency.”

“What’s happened?” Tam asked, gulping down the rest of her wine in one and feeling instantly restored.

“It’s Kelsey.”

Tam frowned to herself and followed Aubrey into the ladies bathroom. “Who’s… - Oh.” Her eyes fell on the girl from the go-kart place, who was standing in front of the center mirror, her hand rested just above her left breast. She turned to Tam and Aubrey when they entered and removed her hand from her peach coloured dress, to reveal a huge, fresh, rouge stain.

“Oh dear,” Tam said, Aubrey rushing over to Kelsey to rub on the stain, as if that would make it magically disappear. “How'd you manage that?”

“I was coming back inside to get drinks for me and Harry,” Kelsey started, her hands moving as she tried to explain calmly. “And this group were leaving as I was entering, and they were messing around and shoving each other, and one of them spilt their beer on me, so I screamed, and then a girl spun around because I don’t know, my scream must’ve startled her… and she ended up spilling red wine on me as well, and I just can’t go back out to Harry like this!”

“He’s not going to care, Kelsey.” Aubrey said tenderly.

“But I care! I can’t walk around like this and I don’t have anything to change in to and I just feel groce now…” Kelsey looked down and then back in to the mirror, a look of great disappointment on her face. “I was really, really looking forward to tonight.”

Aubrey flashed Tam a look and mouthed ‘Help’, and Tam thought as quickly as she could, placing her glass on the side of the sink closest to her, walking over to the girls, and taking Kelsey by her shoulders. She turned Kelsey’s body to face her and raised her chin so she could look at her face.

“First of all,” Tam said, smiling at Kelsey. “I’m Tamina. Nice to meet you.”

Kelsey gave an embarrassed snort and then also smiled. “Nice to meet you too, Tamina.” And then after a slight pause, she said, “I know I shouldn’t be making such a fuss, I'm such a loser-“

“No babe, it’s fine, but that stain is not coming out.” Tam explained, stepping back for a moment to think, and then untying her shawl. “Here, put this on.”

Kelsey stared at the shawl for a second, and then taking it from Tam, draped it over her shoulders, and all three girls faced the mirror.

“Wow.” Aubrey mumbled.

And Tam agreed. The shawl was long, so Kelsey had to hold it together in the middle at her stomach, and it made her breasts bulge just that little bit more, and accentuated how slim her waist was. Since Tam had on all black accessories, she unclipped her dangly black ear rings, and handed them over to Kelsey, along with her necklace.

“Give me yours.” Tam said, pointing to Kelsey’s silver hoops and chain.

Once the swap had been completed, Kelsey beamed at her reflection, her hand flying to her mouth. Aubrey giggled and clapped excitedly.

“Thank you, so much, Tamina.” Kelsey exclaimed, pulling Tam in for a hug with one arm, clutching the shawl with the other.

“You are more than welcome, my love,” Tam laughed. “And please, call me Tam.”

Scooping her wine glass back up, Tam left the girls in the bathroom, heading straight for the drinks table again. She was feeling a little calmer, and was thankful that the wardrobe hiccup had taken her mind off things. It was only once Tam had downed another white wine, her chest burning furiously, that she realized Louis was still on stage, and his angel like voice, along with the words he was singing, sent shivers down her spine.

‘If I lay here, If I just lay here, would you lie with me and just forget the world?’

It was ‘Chasing Cars’ by Snow Patrol. Tam’s hand froze around her glass and she felt a lot more then wine in her stomach. She turned to watch Niall strumming on his guitar, and Louis singing, full of passion, his eyes on one person and one person only. The hall was dead silent otherwise.

‘All that I am, All that I ever was, is here in you perfect eyes, they’re all I can see.
I don't know where. Confused about how as well. Just know that these things will never, change for us at all.'

Tam couldn’t breathe. Her heart was hammering, and her chest hurt, and she couldn’t be there. She couldn’t hear songs like this. She couldn’t watch Louis singing to Eleanor with so much love in his eyes. She couldn’t do it. She needed fresh air. She needed to be out of there.

Spinning on her heel, Tam was stopped abruptly. Liam was standing right behind her. He had on a black suit with a black shirt and grey tie. His hair was freshly cut and he smelt amazing.

Tam gasped and stepped back, a single tear falling as she blinked up at him, and before she could process what was happening, Liam had taken her hand in his, and led her to a room in the back. It was dark in the room, the only light reflecting through the blinds from the moon outside. By the time Tam’s eyes had adjusted, Liam had pushed her back against the closed door of the room, his hands cupping her face.

“Tamina, I’m so sorry.”

The door was cold against Tam’s back, and she remembered that she had no shawl, and felt enormously exposed. Her arms were bare, and the force of Liam’s push had made her dress bunch up at the back, making the front ride up ever so slightly. She could feel his middle region pressed against hers and was almost certain she was having a mild anxiety attack.

“I want to tell you that I don’t know what came over me last night, but I do Tammy. I know exactly what it was.” Liam looked down at Tam’s lips and she felt nauseous with anticipation. “I never meant to hurt or insult you, and I really thought a good night sleep would calm me down, but it didn’t Tam. I’m fucking fuming.”

Tam sniffed and swallowed. “Why?”

“…Because you’re mine.” Liam answered, his hands finding her hair as he ran his fingers through it.

Tam thought she was going to explode. Her body was so hot, she was afraid of sweating right on to him. His scent was all around her, making her head spin. It reminded her of their childhood, and having dinner at his house every Sunday, and the way her pillow would smell of him after a sleep over at her house. It made her feel ludicrously secure. Liam’s face was so close to hers, she could make out the teeny tiny pores on his face, where stubble was forming. She remembered when he couldn’t even grow facial hair.

“Tell me you’re not.” Liam groaned, and Tam felt a rumble inside her that was nothing to do with the wine. “Say it…”

There was a bang on the door behind Tam, the sound causing her to jump, her back arching. Her nose bumped Liam’s, and she became dangerously aware that their chests were now touching also, his tie sitting just between the gap where her breasts began. She saw him bite down on his bottom lip and thanked the girls secretly in her head for picking out this dress.

“You can’t, can you?” Liam whispered, his hands sliding up Tam’s thighs. "You can't say it."

“Liam...” It was Harry. He waited for a response but Liam was still busy staring intensely down at Tam. “It’s your turn to come and sing mate, everyone’s been looking for you.”

“Five minutes!” Liam called through the door.

There was silence on the other side, and when she was convinced Harry had left them alone, Tam slid her hands up to Liam’s chest in attempt to put some space between them, but he didn’t budge. Instead he wrapped his arms around her lower back.

“Say it.” He repeated.




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#121797 Dark

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Chapter 5:


My hands tightly gripped the sink, leaning my weight on it as I tried to control my breathing. I raised my head up to the mirror attempting to calm myself down. I couldn’t believe how forward Harry’s actions were.


It’s like he didn’t care if anyone saw. I patted my pockets to check for my phone.

I had left it in my bag, at the table, with Harry. My heart sunk at the realisation that I had no one to contact. I shook my head, my hair swaying from side to side.
“I can’t do this.” I spoke to myself.
I glanced up at my reflection in the mirror again; I don’t think I had ever been more scared. Frantically I paced up and down in the empty toilet, trying to figure out my options. I could either go back in and face Harry or I could make a break for it.
My eyes darted over to the window and I quickly opted for option two. My hands yanked the window open, I was about to climb on to the sill when the door creaked open. To my relief I spun round to see the waitress that had served us.
“Are you Bo?” She asked.
I nodded my head and waited for her to continue.
“The guy you’re with asked me to check on you.”
“Oh god.”
She walked closer to me, catching my hand and pulling me to the side.
“W-where is he?”
“He’s waiting outside the door.” She whispered worriedly.
My eyes widened at what she told me. Her head turned to the open window and then back to me. She obviously knew what I had been attempting before she arrived.
“Go.” She nudged me towards the escape. “I’ll tell him you weren’t in here.”
“Thank you.” I smiled.
I caught hold of the window sill, pulling myself up. I glanced back to see her exit the toilet.
“What!” I heard a low voice shout on the other side of the door.
I sat with my legs hanging out the window. But just before I jumped down the short distance to the floor outside, the toilet door swung open. Harry’s dark eyes locked with mine. His angry gaze quickly changed into grin and I realised this was fun for him. A chase.
I ran as fast as I could along the promenade, the air cooler than when we had first arrived. My long hair blew out behind me. I quickly passed the entrance to the restaurant, hoping I could gain as much distance as possible. I glanced back to see Harry hot on my heels.
I refused to give up, I had to get away from him. My legs began to ache as I forced myself harder. The air I was drawing in, not being able to satisfy my need. I was gasping for breath as I rounded a corner, still on the path that ran alongside the water. I began to panic when I realised the path was quickly coming to an end.
My head darted one way then the other, desperately searching for a way out. I skidded to a stop, turning round to find Harry slowing down. He smirked at me as he strolled closer, knowing I had nowhere left to
run. I took a few steps back only to hit the railing. Both of our breathing was forced out in heavy puffs.
“Where’d you think you’re going, Love?”
He continued towards me as I moved slightly to the left, thinking I might be able to get past him and run the other way. Harry was only a few metres from me when my back pressed up to a gate that led to a straight drop down to the water. I pressed harder into the barrier, urgently trying to increase the space between us.
I let out a shriek as the gate behind me gave way. It swung open, I lost my balance and fell through the opening.
I hit the cool water below, my body sinking down. My arms and legs worked together to try and reach the surface. For a moment, relief washed through my body. It may not have been the perfect solution but I was now out of reach from Harry.
That was until I felt another splash not far from me. A strong arm wrapped tightly round my waist and I was tugged to the surface. We both gasped for air as I spluttered out water.
I shoved my hands to his chest, pushing him away. He swept back his wet curls from his face as he watched me. I kicked my legs to keep myself above the water. Harry grinned at me, revealing his dimples before he spoke.
“Well, this is the quickest I’ve got a girl wet on a first date.”
I groaned at his suggestive comment. I highly questioned his words having heard many things about his relationship with women. I wasn’t a very strong swimmer and after the run my body felt weak in the water.
However, I attempted the swim to the dock anyway. My hands pressed to the hard surface but before I
could push myself up Harry caught hold of my hips. He twisted me round to face him, his body closer than what I would have liked.
Harry could tell I was struggling to keep my head above water.
“Hold on to me.” He roughly whispered.
My hands stayed in the water, continually moving to keep myself afloat. He gripped my arms pulling them up and round his neck. Harry’s right hand caught hold of the dock behind my head while his left pressed to my lower back, forcing my body into his.
He held us up, his eyes never leaving my face. I had to trust him not to let me drown. My breath hitched in my throat as he began to lean into me.
“Harry, I’m cold.” I whispered.
I let go of his neck, turning round to grip the dock. I watched as he hauled himself out of the water. His clothes dripping as he bent down and helped me out.
I was surprised by his strength, Harry easily getting me up onto the platform before I caught my foot and stumbled into him. The action took him by surprise falling backwards with me on top of him. Harry let out a grunt as we lay on the wooden dock.
I placed my hands on his chest pushing myself up, my legs either side of his waist.
“Hmmm, I always like a girl on top.”
I let out a disgusted noise as he winked at me. Before I knew it Harry had caught hold of my hands from his chest and rolled me under him, pinning my wrists down.
“But I prefer to have them under me.”
Drops of water fell from his curly hair to my skin as he hovered above me. His green eyes travelled down my body, my wet clothes sticking to the skin. Harry dipped his head down, lightly blowing across the uncovered skin at the top of my chest, which was quickly rising and falling.
His lips held a smile when goose bumps formed. My eyes fluttered closed with the sensation.
I jumped as a pair of wet lips pressed to mine. My eyes shot open. Harry’s dripping hair tickled my forehead. He continued to move his mouth against my lips, attempting to get a response out of me. But I couldn’t, I just lay there frozen.
“Bo.” Harry encouraged quietly.
He tugged at my bottom lip with his teeth before releasing it and pressing his forehead against mine. My breathing came out in short puffs. We stayed like that for a little while longer until Harry pushed himself up.
His body loomed over me as he deeply chuckled. What had just happened?
“You coming?”
I quickly sat up, staring at the hand he offered to me. I took it and he pulled me up to stand next to him. My eyes wandered over his wet body. His white t shirt stuck to his torso revealing a toned stomach and chest. I quickly looked away, knowing I had been caught by Harry as a smirk crept onto his face.
He entwined my fingers with his as we walked along the dock. The step up to the path was quite large so Harry placed his hands on my hips, lifting me up. He easily climbed the ledge where I had already gotten over the railing. I waited for him, Harry then taking my wrist tugging me over to where his blazer was thrown to the floor.
He must have taken it off before he jumped in after me. Bending down Harry collected his phone, keys and wallet before picking up the clothing, slipping it over my shoulders.
“Thanks.” I spoke quietly.
The man at the front of the restaurant frowned as he took in our appearances.
Our clothes were still dripping wet, making puddles on the floor. The rest of the customers in the restaurant struggled to look anywhere but us. I couldn’t blame them, we had caused bit of a scene. Any other time my cheeks would have flushed red but it just didn’t seem to matter now. Harry handed over his card to pay.
“Get your bag and let’s go.” Harry harshly whispered in my ear.
I quickly walked over to the table, our waitress was clearing away plates nearby. She caught my eye and hurried over to me.
“I’m so sorry, he wouldn’t believe me when I told him you weren’t in the toilet.” She gushed.
“Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.” I smiled at her, squeezing her hand lightly.
“Thank you.”
I jumped as Harry came up behind us, I hastily collected my things before he dragged me out.
We pulled up outside my house, it was now dark with the exception of the street lights. I huffed having to wait for Harry to release me from his car. He stayed by my side all the wa1y up to my front door. I scrabbled round in my bag, pulling out my keys which I dropped moments later.
Harry forced me up against the door, pressing his lips firmly to mine. One hand held my hips to him, the other caught hold of the back of my neck.
I didn’t have much left in me to fight him off but I weakly pushed my hands to his chest anyway. The “kiss” did not last long. Harry pulled away, his green eyes looking down at me as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.
“Oh come on, it’s wasn’t that bad was it?” He jokingly asked.
I flinched away as his fingertips brushed my cheek.
“We’ll definitely be doing this again.” He winked.
I wasn’t sure if he meant the kissing or the date, either way made me shiver at the thought. Glancing up to his face I noticed his curls beginning to dry out, he looked almost cute, that was until he opened his mouth. His way with words made my skin crawl.
I pulled his blazer from my shoulders, holding it out between us for him to take.
“Keep it.”
He dipped his head a final time, lightly kissing me on the lips before I watched him walk away back to his car.
Well, this was a date I would certainly remember.
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